Careers in Veterinary Medicine

From companion animals to zoo animals to wildlife to working in the research lab or in a government agency, veterinary medicine offers a wide variety of opportunities. Check out our resources to learn about the people who work in veterinary medicine and what they do to keep people and pets healthy.

Veterinarians Veterinarians
If you and your pets are healthy, then thank your veterinarian! Today's veterinarians are hard at work protecting the health of animals, people, and the environment. They provide valuable skills in the areas of food safety, research, bioterrorism, regulatory medicine and more! Learn more about the many different ways veterinarians use their training and what it takes to become a veterinarian.

Veterinary Technicians Veterinary Technicians
If you care about animals, enjoy working with your hands, are good at basic math and decision-making, like working with people and handling a variety of responsibilities, then the challenging career of veterinary technology may be just right for you.

The Veterinary Health Care Team The Veterinary Health Care Team
Every veterinary practice staff consists of a team of caring individuals. Each staff member contributes his or her unique abilities to ensure high quality veterinary care for animals and concern for their owners. A veterinary practice may employ just a few people or more than 30; but regardless of size, dedication to service remains a top priority. Learn about some of the key positions in many veterinary clinics today.

For More Information

Watch veterinarians explain what they do for the benefit of both human and animal health. Our YouTube channel offers videos describing a wide range of veterinary specialties, what it takes to become a veterinarian, and what day-to-day life can mean for a veterinarian.

Vet School Admission 101 (PDF)
Handy advice from current veterinary students on how to make yourself a better candidate for veterinary school and advice on preparing for the veterinary school admission process.

Veterinary Colleges Accredited by the AVMA
Locate a college of veterinary medicine in the U.S.

Lifetime of Love

From the moment you realize your pet is "the one," to the last tearful goodbye, your veterinarian helps you provide your pet with a lifetime of love. To celebrate National Pet Week®, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) spotlights seven specific needs every pet owner must consider to ensure that their pet lives the longest, healthiest life possible. more > > >

Veterinary Toolkit

Veterinarians: Celebrate National Pet Week® in your clinic and on your social media feeds. The AVMA's free toolkit includes images, logos, event planning ideas, and much more.

Poster & Writing Contests

The Auxiliary holds an annual poster and writing contest around a selected theme for the year. more > > >

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Five Ways to "Vet" Your Veterinarian

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