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1st Grade Web Page Resources

AVMA Educational Resources Page

Growing Up with Pets
Rules for keeping children safe around dogs

Pet Wellness Examinations-Healthy Pet

Pet Wellness Examinations-University of Illinois
Descriptions of a typical pet wellness exam

AVMA information about veterinarians
Veterinary education and career options

AVMA dog bite prevention media kit
Facts, press releases and safety information on dog bite prevention

National History Museum of LA County web site
Examples of animal adaptations

Woodlands Junior School animal habitats
Examples of animal habitats and adaptations

Discovery School education site
Includes a variety of animal-related lesson plans

Science Netlinks for K-2
Sample lessons related to animal diversity

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2nd Grade Web Page Resources

AVMA Educational Resources Page

AVMA veterinary career information

AVMA Booklet on Saving the Whole Family
Creating a disaster plan for your animals

University of Illinois pet safety advice
What you can do if your pet is lost

AVMA brochure on household hazards to pets
Description of items can poison or injure your pet in your home

Human-Animal Bond-Washington State University Veterinary College
Lesson plans on pets, the human-animal bond, and pets’ needs (K-3)

Special Needs Children-Parenthood
How animals can help children who have special needs

Working Dogs-Federal Bureau of Investigation
Basic information on working dogs

Internet Workshop
Photos and lesson ideas for how dogs help people

Delta Society
Information on training and work of service and assistant animals

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3rd Grade Web Page Resources

AVMA Educational Resources Page

AVMA brochures on pet selection

How Stuff Works web site
Learn how high-tech equipment like lasers work

University of Illinois technology information
Explains how lasers are used in veterinary hospitals

AAHA Pet Care Library
Tips on pet adoptions

Classroom Connect – wild animals as pets
Describes the risks in having wild animals as pets

EDSITEment site for folktales and ecology
Sample lessons on animals and humans in cooperation and conflict

Save The Rain Forest site
Features animals in the rainforest and how they help one another

Science Reporting for Kids
Looks at "Animal nannies and neighbors" and how animals help one another

National Geographic Kids site
Explains how animals may demonstrate concern (love) for one another

National Geographic Expeditions site
Lesson ideas on African animals and their habitat

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4th Grade Web Page Resources

AVMA Educational Resources Page

AVMA brochures on pet selection

AVMA animal health brochures

AVMA historical page
Brief look at the history of the AVMA

List of veterinary specialties
AVMA information on careers in veterinary medicine

University of Illinois veterinary students and shelter animals
How veterinary students help homeless animals in shelters near their school

National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy
Data on why pets are relinquished and statistics on unwanted pets

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