Celebrate National Pet Week® in your classroom!

Use these materials during the annual May celebration and throughout the year to share with your students the responsibilities associated with pet ownership. With these materials from the American Veterinary Medical Association, learning about pets will be engaging and fun!

Download our twelve lessons and activity sheets for grades 1-4.

Each activity has been designed to meet current national teaching standards in science and language arts. The AVMA has also provided a list of links to outside resources to supplement the lesson plans.

Classroom presentation on responsible pet ownership
This PowerPoint presentation offers tips and information to make pet ownership a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you, your pet and your family. It includes a handy script, too. View this powerpoint presentation in Spanish and use the Spanish script as well.

Classroom presentations on veterinary careers
Many children express an interest in a career as a veterinarian. These colorful presentations educate about the various opportunities within veterinary medicine. Available for grades K-12, these age appropriate slides also include presenter's notes and handouts.

For more teaching tools to use in grades K-12, visit the Educational Resources page of the AVMA web site.

Lifetime of Love

From the moment you realize your pet is "the one," to the last tearful goodbye, your veterinarian helps you provide your pet with a lifetime of love. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of National Pet Week®, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) spotlights seven specific needs every pet owner must consider to ensure that their pet lives the longest, healthiest life possible. more > > >

Veterinary Toolkit

Veterinarians: Celebrate National Pet Week® in your clinic and on your social media feeds. The AVMA's free toolkit includes images, logos, event planning ideas, and much more.

Poster & Writing Contests

The Auxiliary holds an annual poster and writing contest around a selected theme for the year. more > > >

Survey says!

Discover top ten dog and cat owning states more > > >

Five Ways to "Vet" Your Veterinarian

You know how it is. You have a million questions about your pet before you get to the veterinary clinic but when asked, your mind is blank. more > > >

Five Feline Fast Facts

There are 10 million more cats owned in America than dogs. more > > >

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